Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Step by step ERAS Token

What is ERAS Token?

ERAS Token is your ticket to get MyERAS account and AAMC ID in a single step registration. It is the first step in building your online residency application profile. ERAS Token is usually a 14-digits alpha numeric code that you will buy from your OASIS account.

How to get the ERAS Token?

1-Go to www.ecfmg.org
2-then click the "applicant portal" icon on the right side of the page.
3-then click on "I want to apply to US Residency Programs"
4-then click on obtain ERAS Token
5-then click on "Go to OASIS"
6-then log in to OASIS using your USMLE ID and password
7-then click on the "ERAS support services" icon on the lower left side.
8-then click on the "Residency ERAS Token" not the Fellowship ERAS Token.
9-then after you compelte the request and make the payment you will click on continue which will take you to the page where your unique ERAS Token is located.

What to do with my ERAS Token?

Go to the MyERAS section on the AAMC website https://services.aamc.org/eras/myeras/ (you will also find the link to it in your token page) and click on the "Register Token" where it will prompt you to enter your ERAS Token and will generate for you an AAMC ID and password which you will use each time you want to log in to your MyERAS account on the same page as above. The MyERAS step by step guide will come soon, but we just want to tell you here that in MyERAS you will be working on filling your Common Application Form (CAF), Profile and the Personal statement(s).

When should I get my ERAS Token?

Don't get your ERAS Token before mid June of any year otherwise you will be buying an old Token of the previous match season which will not benefit you for the new match. The new ERAS Token is usually available by the end of June and it will carry the year number of the next match (so if you are applying in September 2012 then you are applying to the 2013 match and the token will be 2013 match ERAS Token).

How much the ERAS Token cost?

The ERAS Token cost may vary from year to year. The 2012 match token was $90 non-refundable fee.

What common mistakes IMGs do when buying the token?

Many IMGs each year register to MyERAS without registering in the NRMP separately and so they neither rank the programs where they interviewed with nor they get ranked by the programs beacuse they are not registered with the NRMP so they lose their match. To avoid this you need to go to NRMP website as well and register there where you will pay another fee. NRMP registration will be usually available after September.

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